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1 March 2004

[PDF] Critical issues in the financial industry

Author: Myriam Vander Stichele, SOMO

The private financial industry...[has] a major influence on...who in society gets access to financing and protection against risks; ... how financial services benefit the rich or the marginalized, sustainable development or environmental destruction. ...

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1 February 2004

Tutu backs claims over apartheid

Author: BBC

South Africa's former archbishop, Desmond Tutu, has backed compensation claims filed by apartheid victims. [refers to IBM, DaimlerChrysler, ExxonMobil, JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, Crédit Suisse, Crédit Lyonnais]

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13 January 2004

World Economic Forum Survey Projects Mainstreaming of Corporate Citizenship

Author: William Baue,

...over 70 percent of the respondents, who hail from such companies as Coca Cola..., Diageo..., Rio Tinto..., and Siemens..., believe that mainstream investors will have an increased interest in CSR issues. [also refers to Anglo American, Infosys,...

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1 January 2004

[PDF] "Challenges of Water Scarcity: A Business Case for Financial Institutions" - joint publication UN Environmental Programme Finance Initiative [UNEP FI] & Stockholm International Water Institute [SIWI]

Author: UN Environmental Programme Finance Initiative & Stockholm International Water Institute

This report...highlights the importance of private sector participation in the water sector for the benefit of water sustainability. [case studies about projects in Latin America, Africa: refers to AES Tiete, Bank of America, African Chrome,...

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20 November 2003

Big business: Companies profit from racial diversity

Author: Alison Maitland, Financial Times

Patricia Hewitt, the UK trade and industry secretary, last month wrote to 500 corporate leaders urging them to take racial equality seriously for the sake of their businesses...Too few companies had yet grasped the business case, she said...only 18...

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4 April 2003

Learning [U.N. Global Compact]: Pilot Phase Submissions

Author: U.N. Global Compact

The following section provides links to the submissions made by participating companies during the voluntary pilot phase of the Global Compact Learning Forum. [submissions by: Aluminium Bahrain, Amazon Caribbean Guyana, Aracruz, BASF, Bayer AG, BMW,...

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25 March 2003

HIV/AIDS Could Cause Major Economic Crisis in 'Emerging Markets'; Some Companies Providing Prevention, Treatment to Workforce

Author: Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report

Not only is the HIV/AIDS pandemic a "humanitarian disaster," but the disease could also cause an "economic crisis" in "emerging markets" such as South Africa, China and the former Soviet Union...A number of banks, including Deutsche Bank and Dresdner...

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20 March 2003

German cos. lawsuit (by Hereros)

Members of the Herero tribe in Namibia sued Deutsche Bank and Woermann Line (doing business as Deutsche Afrika-Linien GmbH & Company) in US court in 2001 seeking reparations for genocide.  The same plaintiffs brought a separate action in the same...

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1 January 2003

Corporate Responses to Climate Change

Author: Frans van der Woerd, David Levy & Katie Begg (eds.), Greener Management International: The Journal of Corporate Environmental Strategy and Practice (no. 39)

includes chapters on: "An Overview of Corporate Strategies" [refers to BP, Lafarge, General Motors, DuPont, Boeing, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Intel, Shell, United Technologies, Whirlpool, Deutsche Telekom, Gerling Group, Munich Re, Ford, Coca-Cola, Alcan,...

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12 November 2002

NGO sues firms for 'propping up apartheid'

Author: South African Press Association

[lawsuit in U.S. court against companies for past conduct in South Africa] - A non-governmental organisation has filed a lawsuit against 21 multinational corporations and leading international banks for helping prop up the apartheid state...The...

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