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16 July 2018

Deutsche Bank response

"Deutsche Bank aims to avoid environmental and social (ES) risks that might result from its business activities. In our publically available ES Policy Framework1 we explain our approach to identifying risks related to new business opportunities and...

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10 July 2018

Commentary: Social investing is on the rise, yet measuring impact often fails to incl. human rights expertise

Author: David Kinley, Ethical Corporation

"‘Can booming social bond market really turn finance to the good side?’", 28 June 2018...

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9 July 2018

Guidance on developing effective grievance mechanisms in the banking sector

Author: BankTrack & Oxfam Australia

This paper reviews banks’ responsibilities and provides suggestions and recommendations for how banks can develop and implement effective operational-level grievance mechanisms that will be legitimate, trusted and meet their responsibilities under the...

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24 May 2018
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Author: Miriam Schröder, taz

[Am] 5. November 2015 [bricht] der Staudamm in der Nähe des brasilianischen Mariana... ...

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24 April 2018

Global funding for extreme fossil fuels increased by 11% in 2017, new report finds

[Includes responses by BNP Parbias, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Royal Bank of Canda, Morgan Stanley & Toronto-Dominion Bank]

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23 March 2018
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Author: Belga, Sudinfo

« Les banques belges impliquées dans des projets miniers controversés » 20 mars 2018 Des banques belges sont impliquées dans des projets miniers et énergétiques controversés en Amérique du Sud, selon un rapport rendu public mardi par l’ONG flamande Br...

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25 February 2018

Australia: Growing support amongst large institutional investors for shareholder & NGO campaigns on climate & human rights

Author: Ruth Williams, The Sydney Morning Herald

"Big investors backed shareholder campaigns on climate, human rights", 23 February 2018...

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20 February 2018

Indigenous women call on European financial institutions to divest from fossil fuel projects due to threats to indigenous rights & sovereignty

Author: Kim Maida, Cultural Survival

"Divest, invest, protect: Indigenous women lead divestment campaign," February 2018...

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4 December 2017

EU's proposed Multilateral Investment Court will further expand corporate privileges at the expense of human rights, says NGO report

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1 December 2017

A World Court for Corporations: How the EU Plans to Entrench and Institutionalize Investor-State Dispute Settlement

Author: CIEL, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, & Seattle to Brussels Network

...The European Commission...[has proposed]..a multilateral mechanism for investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS)--referred to by the Commission as a Multilateral Investment Court...The proposed global investor court threatens to lock in the highly...

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