Diakonia brief examines the legal context & accountability of corporations operating in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Author: Diakonia International Humanitarian Law Resource Centre, Published on: 7 September 2016

"The Unsettling Business of Settlement Business", May 2015

Since the beginning of Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territory in 1967, the significant economic element of the occupation has too often been overlooked or undermined in the analysis of rights and obligations...[L]ess time and effort are dedicated to examining the economic and corporate aspects of the occupation, identifying those responsible and highlighting the appropriate legal framework that governs corporate actors in the oPt.

The aim of this brief is thus fourfold:

  1. To briefly identify the applicable normative legal frameworks and internationally accepted documents;
  2. To identify the general categories of commercial and financial involvement in the occupation;
  3. To provide a non-exhaustive list of corporations that applied the normative framework and consequently altered their activities in the oPt;
  4. Finally, to provide recommendations for the various stakeholders to ensure their compliance with their obligations under international law

[refers to Africa Israel Investments, Ahava, Bank Hapoalim, Cemex, Danya Cebus, Danske Bank, Deutsche Bank, Elbit Systems, Fonds De Compensation, Lima Holding, Nordea Bank and Royal Haskoning DHV].

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