Diamonds Move From Blood to Sweat and Tears [Sierra Leone]

Author: Lydia Polgreen, New York Times, Published on: 25 March 2007

Diamond mining in Sierra Leone is no longer the bloody affair made infamous by the...civil war...[Still, it] remains a grim business that brings the government far too little revenue to right the devastated country, yet feeds off the desperation of some of the world’s poorest people... John Kanu, a policy adviser to the Integrated Diamond Management Program...[said] “Diamonds, from the very beginning, corrupted Sierra Leone’s most basic sense of governance"... Some countries, like Botswana...have been able to make their deposits a source of wealth through careful management and control. But countries like Sierra Leone, Congo, Angola and Ivory Coast...have struggled to manage what may be the world’s worst resource curse... the poverty rates are highest in [Sierra Leone's] mining districts...

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