Digital human rights defenders continue to experience attacks, incl. arbitrary detention & torture

Author: Danny O'Brien, Electronic Frontier Foundation , Published on: 30 December 2019

"Caught Between Worlds: Imprisoned Tech Users In 2019," 22 December 2019 

There are the technologists and Internet users who have spent years in jail for unjust reasons connected to their use of technology, as well as those who are only beginning their fight for freedom in 2019... All of them are innocent, and all of them have suffered because of the ignorance and fear of technology—and its users—by those in power... detention is... arbitrary and vicious... and continues to blight the life... of the country's brightest political thinkers, bloggers, and technologists... Reuters publishing multiple in-depth exposes demonstrating how American surveillance experts, previously employed by the National Security Agency, were hired by the U.A.E. to hack and spy on domestic opponents and human rights advocates... [S]ome of them [defenders] are just beginning their battles for freedom; others have managed to escape their injustice with the support of their friends and families; and yet more are caught between two worlds—the better world that offers the promise of human rights protected through technology, and of truly free expression; and the world of surveillance, harassment, and imprisonment, unjustly brought upon those who work to fulfill that promise.

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