Director of Operations at The B Team

About the Role:

The Director of Operations will play a key leadership role for our team – as the glue holding us all together in the midst of many moving pieces. You will work closely with the Managing Director, Senior Partners and Senior Management Team to orchestrate and drive forward our priority Challenge initiatives, organizational strategic planning process and ensure operational effectiveness with sound financial planning. You will be responsible for ensuring that our staff team works in an effective and efficient way to meet our stated goals, whilst keeping sight of our commitment to ensuring wellbeing at all levels of the organization.

Your strategic input and ability to operationalize ideas will play a critical role in the B Team’s mission to fundamentally redefine the role of business in society, and create a global movement of “Plan B Companies”.  You will be responsible for ensuring The B Team organisation is delivering maximum impact, including through efficient, accountable and well-prepared governance structures, strong financial management systems, and robust impact planning, learning and reporting mechanisms.

The Director of Operations reports to the B Team Managing Director (MD).  You will also work closely with the B Team Executive Chair and Senior Partners as well as other key stakeholders, including The B Team members and founders circle.

The application deadline is October 21.

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