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Author: エティック Etikkinformasjonsutvalget

[日本語翻訳記事提供: 経済人コー円卓会議日本委員会] 

「2018 年 6 月 1 日にノルウェー政府が任命した倫理情報委員会からの報告」2019 年 11 月 28 日


...まず最初に、政府は、ノルウェーのすべての企業が責任を持って行動することを期待していま す...多くの企業がこれらの目標を追求しています。それでも経験から、企業の説明責任を必要なレベルに引き上げるには、自発的なコンプライアンスだけでは不十分であることが示されています...

すべてのビジネスについて、委員会は特定の情報に関する問い合わせに対応する義務を提案しま す。すべての企業に、会社およびサプライチェーンにおける人権問題について知っておく義務があります。...

大規模な事業の場合、法案は人権と適正な労働条件に関するデューデリジェンスの内容、およびその主要な調査結果を開示するための要件を必要とします。これは、特定の問い合わせに対応す る義務に加えて求められるものです。

...さらに、消費者に商品を販売する企業の場合、同法はそのような商品の製造拠点の公表を義務 づけることを提案しています。...


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3 December 2019

Norway: Govt.-appointed committee proposes human rights transparency and due diligence regulation

Author: Etikkinformasjonsutvalget

[draft translation of the Committee's Norwegian report in excerpts - full and official version will be added once available]

"Report from the Ethics Information Committee, appointed by the Norwegian government on June 1, 2018", 28 Nov 2019

The Committee hereby recommends an Act regulating the right to know, enterprises transparency about supply chains and due diligence with respect to human rights and decent work...

...At the outset, the government currently expects all Norwegian companies to act responsibly... Many businesses have pursued these expectations. Experience nevertheless shows that [m]andatory legislation is necessary...

For all businesses, the Committee proposes an obligation to respond to specific enquiries for information. [A]ll businesses will have a duty to know about human rights issues in the company and in the supply chain...

For large undertakings, the draft Act requires due diligence with respect to human rights and decent work, and requirements to disclose the key findings thereof. This comes in addition to the duty to respond to specific enquiries...

...Moreover, for businesses that sell goods to consumers, the Act proposes a duty to publish the manufacturing sites of such goods...

The translation of the draft act can be found on pages 5 to 9 in the PDF linked below.

Download the full document here

17 January 2019

Forum for Development & Environment's input to parliament's Justice Committee on a human rights act for business

Author: Norwegian Forum for Development and Environment

Input to the Parliament's Justice Committee: We need a human rights law for business and industry. Oslo, 17.01.2019 [Norwegian only]

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31 August 2018

Norwegian govt. appoints Ethics Information Committee

Author: Etikkinformasjonsutvalget


...The Committee shall examine whether it is possible and advisable to require businesses to disclose information to consumers and organisations about production sites used in manufacturing, responsible business conduct and supply chain management. The Committee shall also assess the consequences of a potential disclosure requirement.

If the committee finds that such legislation is feasible and advisable, the committee shall propose its’ scope and how the duty to disclose information should be enforced.

The government established the Ethics Information Committee based on two petition resolutions where the Parliament requests the government to assess an ethics information obligation.

The Committee started working in August 2018, and will submit its report to the government by December 1, 2019.

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