Disney's PR Strategy Unhealthy for 'Little Consumers'

Author: Michele Simon, AlterNet, Published on: 19 October 2006

The announcement this week by Disney that the company is placing nutrition guidelines on licensed food products aimed at children...is just the latest effort by Corporate America to save its tarnished image. Reporters are guilty of jumping every time a company makes an announcement such as Disney's, grossly exaggerating the positive health impact...So now parents think that Disney no longer markets junk food to kids. Only one problem: It's not true...First of all, [Disney] admits to a ridiculously long phase-in period... Next...[t]he media conglomerate isn't doing anything about the junk food advertising that appears on its array of television stations, which include ABC Network, ABC Family, Disney Channel, and Toon Disney. [also refers to McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper (owned by Cadbury Schweppes & Carlyle Group)]

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