Do sexy flight attendants really sell more seats? [Thailand]

Author: Ramy Inocencio & Frances Cha, CNN, Published on: 20 March 2013

Images of bikini-clad women in Thailand posing suggestively in an online ad for a local airline inflamed passions...Nok Air...had employed the provocatively clothed women to attract more attention in a Facebook publicity..."Most governments have enacted laws...against gender and age discrimination..." says Quinn [law firm Pillsbury Winthrop]. "But Asian countries have less precise formulas in their labor laws that permit airlines to impose age and appearance limitations upon flight crews."...Nok Air has no flight attendants over the age of 30, says...Sarasin [Nok Air's CEO]. While laws in the West protect against discrimination, "it is kosher here in Asia to push youth and beauty,"..."We keep them young not because we're sexist but because our customers prefer younger crews,"...[also refers to China Airlines, Pan Am, British Airways, Qantas]

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