[DOC] Business & human rights: A perspective from Africa

Author: Abiola Okpechi - Africa Researcher, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, Published on: 4 December 2007

Tonight I would like to share with you some of the trends we are seeing in the business and human rights arena in Africa...In October 2007, three NGOs...issued the report “Undermining development? Copper mining in Zambia.” This report details the impact of copper mining on Zambia...We posted this report on our website, plus the responses to the report by the two major mining companies referred to in the report – UK-based Vedanta, and Zambia Copper Investments, owners of the largest mine in Zambia, the Konkola Copper Mines. Since then, the three NGOs that wrote the original report have commented on Vedanta’s response, and this is also on our website...Earlier this year, the South African Human Rights Commission became the first human rights commission in the world to appoint a full-time officer to work exclusively on business and human rights issues. [also refers to Endiama, Anglo American]

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