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[DOC] Dear Mr. H.H Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive Emirates Airlines & Group

Author: Javier Vázquez Robles, president of Association against workplace gender and sex discrimination [Mexico], Published on: 17 September 2008

I was a flight attendant and I have applied for a cabin crew position at Emirates...However, to my great surprise, your appointed employment agency in México (“Escuela de Aviación México”) sent me a mail saying that they do not hire people over the age of 35 years old...I feel this is a discrimination based on my age (I am 43 years old). Your careers website...states only a minimum age for work (21 years) but does not state any ‘maximum’ age for Cabin Crew positions. A copy of the email can be found in the attached letter in Spanish. [The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited Emirates to respond but it declined to do so]

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