[DOC] G4S response regarding allegations of complicity with international humanitarian law violations by Israel

Author: G4S, Published on: 21 December 2010

G4S and its predecessor company, Group 4 Falck, have had operations in Israel for many years through our subsidiary G4S Hashmira...In 2002 we announced that we were withdrawing from several contracts providing security officers to residential settlements in the West Bank. Since then we have not performed such work...However, we continue to serve major commercial customers...whose operations include the West Bank...The number of such officers deployed in the West Bank is generally less than 20...we do not carry out police or military-style patrols anywhere in the West Bank. We may from time to time provide officers to protect police facilities...We have also provided security equipment, including X-ray machines and body scanners, with associated maintenance services, to the Israeli police, prison service and Ministry of Defence. We do not control, nor are we necessarily aware, where this equipment is deployed as it may be moved around the country.

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