[DOC] Human Rights Corporate Policies And Financial Performance - Is There A Real Link?

Author: Kenza Berrada, Thesis presented in fulfillment of requirements for the EDHEC diploma , Published on: 1 January 2010

In the first part of this research paper, two essential concepts are defined – human rights corporate policies/management systems and financial performance. The second part of the paper consists of case studies and other types of evidence aiming at proving the positive or negative link that exists between human rights corporate policies and financial performance. Finally, the last part of this paper focuses on some financial tools companies could use to establish the business case internally. [refers to General Electric, Philippine National Oil Company, Shell, ING, Newmont, Scott Paper, Texaco (part of Chevron), Best Western, Heineken, HP, Pepsico, BlackRock, Lev Leviev, Unocal (part of Chevron), Lonrho, Ecopetrol]

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