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[DOC] Palm oil: Four NGOs file OECD complaint against Bolloré and its partners

Author: David Naulin,, Published on: 7 December 2010

[Title translation, and the following summary of the article's key points, provided by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre]
Four NGOs [Sherpa, Misereor (charitable arm of the German Catholic church), Centre for Environment & Development (Centre pour l’environnement et le développement – CED, based in Cameroon) and Cameroon Foundation for Rationalised Action and Environmental Education (Fondation camerounaise d’actions rationalisées et de formation sur l’environnement – Focarpe)] have just filed an OECD complaint before the National Contact Points in France, Belgium and Luxembourg, denouncing the environmental impacts of, and working conditions at oil palm plantations owned by Socapalm in Cameroon… France Inter revealed this morning that the complaint alleges "grave and repeated violations of the OECD Guidelines by the Bolloré group and its partners:...Financière du Champ de Mars, and...SOCFINAL and Intercultures. For its part, again according to France Inter, Bolloré considers that, as a "minority shareholder", it is “not Socapalm’s manager”. Dominique Lafond, Director-General of the Africa branch [of Bolloré Group], "Bolloré is a good citizen in Africa."

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