[DOC] Private security companies and human rights

Author: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, Published on: 21 March 2007

[Presentation by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre to public seminar “Privatization of security and warfare and impacts on human rights”, co-hosted by the United Nations Working Group on the use of mercenaries and the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre – United Nations, Geneva, 21 March 2007] We are pleased to be able to present to you some thoughts and information on the human rights record of private security companies...The annex to this presentation provides a list of materials with specific examples of alleged human rights abuses, and positive steps, by private security companies in various regions of the world. [refers to ArmorGroup, Group 4 Securicor, Securitas, Minera Yanacocha (joint venture Newmont & Buenaventura), Forza, Delta Security Services, Service y Seguridad Técnica de Honduras (SETECH), Occidental, AirScan, Aegis Defence Services, Sandline International, Vinnell, Booz Allen Hamilton, SAIC, O’Gara, DynCorp, Alpha Firm, Silver Shadow, Intercon Security, Northbridge, Blackwater, Hart Group, Control Risks, Triple Canopy, Branch-Heritage, Military Professional Resources, Erinys International, AMEC, BHP Billiton, Anvil Mining, Siemens, De Beers, Texaco, Chevron, Schlumberger, ExxonMobil, Ranger Oil (part of Candian Natural Resources), BP, American Airlines, Shell, L-3 Titan (part of L-3 Communications), CACI, ENDIAMA, Sociedade de Desenvolvimento Mineiro (SDM, joint venture ENDIAMA & Odebrecht), Sociedade Mineira do Cuango (SMC, joint venture ITM Mining, ENDIAMA & Lumanhe), Sociedade Mineira Luminas (joint venture Lev Leviev, ENDIAMA & Twins Ltd.), Alfa-5, Teleservice, K&P Mineira, Global Solutions Ltd (GSL), Anglo American, Barrick Gold]

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