[DOC] Response of PepsiCo to allegations regarding sexual harassment at Frito-Lay plant in Poland

Author: PepsiCo, Published on: 18 July 2005

Upon being advised of these allegations [of sexual harassment], we immediately suspended the individual manager against whom the allegations have been made. (And just to clarify, the employees made the allegations after they were terminated, not before.) We also launched an investigation to determine the facts. Given the nature of the allegations, the local public prosecutor also launched an investigation, with which we cooperated fully...it is important to remember that at this point none of the allegations against the manager have been substantiated. Furthermore there have been developments that cast doubt on the validity of the allegations...While the facts are still being sorted out, I would like to make clear that as a company we are absolutely committed to providing a safe, welcoming and respectful workplace in Poland and wherever we do business.

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