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Document - Peru: Death Threats

Author: Amnesty International, Published on: 11 February 2009

Journalist Julio César Vásquez Calle is pursuing a complaint to the Piura region prosecutor's office against police officers and mining company security guards [from the firm Forza (part of Securitas)] he claims tortured him while he was reporting on a protest in March 2005. On 5 February he received a phone call from a man who told him he would be killed unless he dropped his complaint. Amnesty International believes that he and the 28 members of peasant communities pursuing the same complaint are in grave danger...Julio Vásquez...had been reporting on a peaceful march by people from the Piura the Majaz mining company...Majaz was a subsidiary of...Monterrico Metals. Minera Majaz was responsible for running the copper mining project Río Blanco, until February 2007, when Monterrico Metals was bought by the Chinese Consortium Zijin...RECOMMENDED ACTION: PLEASE SEND APPEALS TO ARRIVE AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE...

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