Document business impacts on human rights

Share a case of business impacts on human rights with us by completing the form below. 

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Information provided on this form will be sent to Business & Human Rights Resource Centre. We will then be in touch to clarify any details and discuss next steps. These might include:

  • Connecting the community/organization with relevant advocacy organizations
  • Seeking a public response from the company/ies to the case
  • Publishing and disseminating the documentation on the Community Action Platform and through other channels. Cases featured on the Community Action Platform involve significant participation by and direction from communities affected by corporate activities, at all stages from design to implementation.

Note: This checklist is part of a project by ESCR-Net members and partners of Business & Human Rights Resource Centre on documenting corporate human rights impacts.  Please read the FAQ before completing the form, and please contact Greg Regaignon (regaignon (at) and Eniko Horvath (horvath (at) with any questions.

Security notice: Only answer the questions that you feel safe or able to do so, and that will not pose a risk to others. 

The idea of the checklist questions below is that the answers will be public; if there are any answers that you do not wish to be made public, please indicate.  Questions 1-3 are sufficient for a local community to conduct initial documentation of an incident or situation.  Questions 4-6 are optional; these could be completed with involvement from a supporting organization.

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1. General details about the incident or ongoing situation
2. Actors involved
3. Current and potential threats or danger
4. Desired outcomes
5. Existing documentation - written and visual
6. Previous steps and communication
Comments, and suggestions for guidance