Clinton Global Initiative 2010 - company commitments

The Clinton Global Initiative requires participants to make "Commitments to Action": "new, specific, and measurable initiatives...For example, members may develop a new business model that generates social, environmental, or economic value; initiate, scale up, or refocus a service or business project; or provide financial or in-kind support to an organization of their choice."  Reported of commitments by companies at the 2010 Clinton Global Initiative include:

"Clinton Says Donors Made Aid Pledges of $2.5 Billion", Peter Green, Bloomberg, 21 Sep 2010:
"Eric Schmidt, chief executive officer of Google Inc.,...pledged $1 million to help Pakistan recover from the floods that devastated the country last month.  The donation...includes a Web-based computer application that helps rescuers find people missing in natural disasters.  Procter & Gamble...will distribute 2 billion packets of its water purification product Pur for free in developing countries, CEO Bob McDonald said on stage.  Clinton said the packets from the Cincinnati-based manufacturer would save at least one life every hour."

"Clinton philanthropy meeting pushes economic growth", Michelle Nichols, Reuters, 21 Sep 2010:
"Muhtar Kent, chief executive of The Coca-Cola Company...pledged to empower 5 million female entrepreneurs throughout the company's global business system by 2020 by building on successful practices...[from] Africa..."

"Climate Change, Energy and Waste Take Center Stage at Clinton Global Initiative", Maria Surma Manka, Earth & Industry, 21 Sep 2010:
"Electricity in the Caribbean is the most expensive of anywhere in the world... NRG working with Haitian NGOs, governments and neighborhood groups to set up $1 million worth of solar panels to bring down that cost...[which] means better infrastructure and a cheaper business climate to grow the private sector and help rebuild the country."
- see also "NRG Energy and Solar Electric Light Fund Collaborate to Accelerate Economic Recovery in Haiti with Solar Energy" (press release)