Company contributions to Sichuan, China, earthquake relief (2008)

español - BBVA dona más de 630.000 euros para ayudar a los damnificados del terremoto de China - 26 mayo 2008: …BBVA…entregó…un donativo de un millón de dólares (cerca de 633.000 euros)…con el objetivo de ayudar a la población damnificada por el terremoto…La donación se canalizará a través de la Cruz Roja China y se destinará fundamentalmente a la construcción de escuelas para los menores damnificados…



Overseas Telecom Operators Donate To China's Earthquake Relief - ChinaTechNews, 20 May 2008: Telefonica…has announced plans to donate RMB10 million targeted at children in the disaster areas. SK Group's affiliates, including SK Telecom and SK Energy, have donated RMB10 million to the Red Cross Society of China…Telstra…has announced plans to offer free toll telephone service…


Chinese bloggers ranking company donations for Sichuan quake - CSR Asia, 20 May 2008:
Chinese bloggers [are] making lists of corporate contributions to the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan... Foxconn [part of Hon Hai] second on [one] list with a contribution of 60 million RMB (US$8,604,000)...


List of Selected US Company Contributions for Earthquake Relief - US-China Business Council, as of 20 May 2008:
Includes 3M, A.O. Smith's, Abbott, Agilent, Alcatel-Lucent, AIG, Amway, Anheuser-Busch, Best Buy, Boeing, Cargill, Case New Holland, Chindex, Cisco, Citigroup, Coca-Cola, Cummins, Danaher, DuPont, Emerson, FedEx, Ford, Goldman Sachs, Goodyear, GlaxoSmithKline, Home Depot, IBM, International Paper, ITT, Mary Kay, Merck, Merrill Lynch, Monsanto, Motorola, NYSE, PepsiCo, Pfizer, Prudential Financial, Texas Instruments, Tyco, Visa]


GM Pledges Aid to Disaster Victims in China, Myanmar - 20 May 2008:
General Motors today announced that the General Motors Foundation and GM China have donated in excess of $1 million to support relief victims in China and Myanmar.


Johnson Controls Provides Disaster Relief Assistance to China - 20 May 2008:
...Johnson Controls, its employees, and its joint venture partners in China are donating $780,000 to the Red Cross Society of China to assist the disaster relief efforts...


JPMorgan Chase Donates $300,000 for Disaster Aid in Asia - Firm Gives $100,000 to CARE International in Myanmar, $200,000 to the American Red Cross in China - 20 May 2008


ING Americas Contributes $100,000 to China Disaster-Relief Efforts - 20 May 2008


AT&T Foundation Announces up to $500,000 in Disaster Relief to Earthquake Victims - Employee-Matching Gift Program to Help Address Immediate Needs in Southwest China - 19 May 2008


Chevron donates $1.4 mln for relief in China - Xinhuanet, 18 May 2008


Local Chinese business rallies to help Sichuan earthquake victims - CSR Asia, 17 May 2008:
Yongning Pharma [浙江京环], Zhejiang Jinghuan Medical Apparatus ...[浙江京环], Apeloa Kangyu Pharmaceutical...[普洛康裕], Zhejiang Conba Pharmaceutical...[康恩贝], Tai Zhou Medicine [台州医药], Hangzhou Minsheng Pharmaceutical...[杭州民生], Hisun [海正药业]..., and Yatai Pharmaceutical [浙江亚太] - collectively donated $2,974,615 in cash and medical products... Others include:...Others include:  China Unicom [中国联通] ($1,716,124);...Sohu [搜狐] ($715,051);...; Youngor Group [雅戈尔集团] ($858,062 in materials); Wang Tai Group [宏泰集团] ($17,161,244); Xuzhou Construction Machinery...[徐工集团] ($2,860,207 in cranes and operators); Zhongnan Group [中南集团] ($858,062); Huating Coal Group [华煤集团] ($800,858)...and Capital Airports Holding Company [首都机场集团公司] ($4,088,666 cash and materials).


español - Telefónica dona un millón de euros a China para paliar los efectos del terremoto – 16 mayo 2008: Telefónica anunció…la donación de un fondo por valor de 10 millones de yuanes…para atender a los damnificados…las ayudas se orientarán principalmente a los niños…


United Technologies Corp. Offers Aid for Victims of China Earthquake - 16 May 2008


français - Les entreprises françaises au chevet de la Chine, 16 mai 2008: Les entreprises françaises présentes en Chine n'ont pas tardé à se mobiliser pour venir au secours des victimes du tremblement de terre...La Croix-Rouge chinoise a reçu de nombreux dons. Mais la palme revient à Sanofi-aventis [qui a] donné au ministère de la Santé chinois un chèque de 15 millions de yuans. [ mentionne également Carrefour, Lafarge, Veolia, Alcatel, Areva, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Louis Vuitton, Schneider, Suez]


Foreign Businesses, Organizations Support Disaster Relief - Emerging China, 15 May 2008:
General Electric announced a US$2 million donation...GE has mobilized local field support engineers to help with immediate restoration of power, water and hospital systems...CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets announced an initial 2 million donation at its annual China forum...HSBC donated 10 million yuan...[T]he American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai reported that chamber members have donated over 13 million yuan to disaster relief, led by Johnson & Johnson's 10 million yuan donation...Preliminary list of foreign donors contributing to earthquake-related disaster relief efforts [includes Acer, Alcoa, AMD, Bayer, BMW, Canon, Carlsberg, Dell China, DHL (part of Deutsche Post), Dongfeng Honda, Dow Chemical, Epson, Ericsson, Estee Lauder, Hitachi Construction Machinery, Intel, Komatsu Group, Kraft, Mary Kay, Matsushita Electric, Microsoft, Nokia, Nuoxi, Procter & Gamble, Pepsi China (PepsiCo), PSA Peugeot Citroen, Pfizer, Philips (Royal Philips Electronics), Qualcomm, Red Bull, SAIC-GM-Wuling, Samsung, Schneider Electric, Shanghai General Motors, Siemens, Sony, Taiwan Runtai, Runfa Company, TCL Group, UBS, Volkswagen]


UPS Foundation Supports China Disaster Relief Effort - 15 May 2008:
UPS is making a cash donation of $500, support of Red Cross earthquake response... UPS has pledged an additional $500,000 for in-kind support to aid the delivery of relief supplies.  An additional US$50,000 (350,000 RMB) has been pledged locally to the China Charity Federation...


Tyco Electronics Donates Cash, Products and Services to Support Earthquake Relief Efforts in China - 15 May 2008:
Tyco Electronics has made a US$150, contribution to the Red Cross Society of China to support the overall relief effort. The company is also matching...contributions made by its U.S. employees... Tyco Electronics' business units in China are working with Chinese authorities to determine what products and services can be donated to help with the overall relief effort.


Victoria Cruises Assists Humanitarian Efforts Following China Earthquake - 15 May 2008:
Victoria assisting humanitarian relief efforts following the earthquake in Wenchaun, China by donating excess inventory and supplies, including much-needed clothing, towels and drinking water.


ChinaONEcall Offering Free Interpretation Services to Those Calling China for Information on the Sichuan Province Earthquake - 15 May 2008


français - La France se mobilise pour les victimes du séisme - Consulat général de France à Shanghai, 15 mai 2008 :
La Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Française en Chine (CCIFC) a annoncé création d’un Fonds de solidarité destiné à venir en aide aux populations sinistrées... Certaines entreprises membres du bureau de la CCIFC ont déjà annoncé des dons à l’instar de Carrefour (2 millions RMB), PSA (1 million RMB) et l’Oréal (1 million RMB).


Wal-Mart Donates More Than RMB 3 Million to Support Earthquake Relief in China - 14 May 2008:
Wal-Mart announced today it is providing more than RMB 3 million (US $430,000) in disaster relief and reconstruction... Partnering with local communities and authorities, Wal-Mart stores and its Trust-Mart stores in China have been providing essential supplies and assistance to our associates, customers and neighbors in the impacted areas -- donating water and other emergency related products...