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Human rights impact and compliance assessments

Below are introductory items, tools & guidance on human rights impact & compliance assessments.  Further reports from a wide range of sources are in the"Impact assessment" section of our website.

Note: Inclusion of a company impact assessment process in this section does not constitute an official endorsement of that process by the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre.

BP, Tangguh project in West Papua:
- "Human Rights Assessment of the Proposed Tangguh LNG Project Summary of Recommendations and Conclusion - Presented to BP Indonesia" [PDF], 19 April 2002
     - Tangguh Independent Advisory Panel - reports on economic, political & social impacts, and BP responses
     - Additional material in BP section of our website.

Goldcorp, Marlin Mine in Honduras:
- "Human Rights Impact Assessment Guatemala"
- Additional material and commentaries in Goldcorp section of our website

Yahoo! - Human Rights Impact Assessments

Aim for Human Rights (Dutch NGO): "Guide to Human Rights Impact Assessment Tools" [PDF], Jan 2009

John Ruggie, UN Special Representative on business & human rights: "Human rights impact assessments - resolving key methodological questions” [DOC], Feb 2007
   - additional material by or submitted to John Ruggie's team on impact assessment

Human Rights Impact Resource Centre: "HRIA in Business"


Aim for Human Rights:
Eight Step Approach to Human Rights Impact Assessment

Danish Institute for Human Rights:
- "Human Rights Compliance Assessment"
- Compliance Assessment "Quick check" [PDF]

Intl. Alert:
- "Conflict-sensitive business practice: Guidance for extractive industries" [PDF]

Intl. Business Leaders Forum and IFC:
- "Guide to Human Rights Impact Assessment and Management - road testing draft", Jun 2007

Rights & Democracy:
- "Getting it right - A step by step guide to assess the impact of foreign investment projects on human rights" [PDF], Nov 2008
- "Human Rights Impact Assessments for Foreign Investment Projects: Learning from Community in the Philippines, Tibet, the Democatic Republic of Congo, Argentina and Peru" [PDF], May 2007