In Their Words - Advocates talk about their work on the human rights impacts of business

To mark its 10th anniversary in 2013, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited advocates to make short videos describing their work on companies' human rights impacts.  Read the press release here (available in Arabic, English, French, Russian and Spanish).  This series of videos, called "In Their Words", will continue to be updated with new videos over time. Watch the videos below, or on our You Tube channel - and please share them!

Videos en español aquí y aquí.

Crude Accountability (Kazakhstan)

In this video: Sergey Solyanik talks about Crude Accountability's work in Kazakhstan.

В этом видео: Сергей Соляник говорят о работе, Crude Accountability в Казахстан.

European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (Germany)

In this video: Wolfgang Kaleck and Dr. Miriam Saage-Maaß of ECCHR talk about their work litigating against European corporations for human rights abuses committed overseas.

Note: See the Resource Centre's Corporate Legal Accountability Portal for profiles of many lawsuits against companies.  This video mentions a lawsuit against Nestlé over an alleged abuse in Colombia.  Click here for the Resource Centre's profile of this case, which includes links to the arguments put forward in this case both by the plaintiffs and by Nestlé.  The case was dismissed in May 2013.



Fundación Ideas para la Paz (Colombia)

In this video: Ángela Rivas describes engagement by Fundación Ideas para la Paz with companies to help overcome armed conflict and build sustainable peace in Colombia.

En este video: Ángela Rivas describe el trabajo con empresas de la Fundación Ideas para la Paz para contribuir a la superación del conflicto armado y construir una paz sustentable en Colombia.


London Mining Network (UK)

In this video: Richard Solly talks about the work of London Mining Network, an NGO focused on the impacts of British-based and British-funded mining companies around the world.


MiningWatch (Canada)

In this video: Members of staff at MiningWatch talk about its work on the human rights impacts of Canadian mining firms overseas.


NAPE - National Association of Professional Environmentalists (Uganda)

In this video: Rajab Bwengye of NAPE talks about its work building a community that advocates for the sustainable use and management of natural resources in Uganda, and the intimidation faced by people working on this issue.



Nasawiya (Lebanon)

In this video: Yara Chehayed of Nasawiya describes the "Salwa" cartoon campaign to combat sexual harassment, including in the workplace.

في هذا الفيديو: تصف يارا شهيد من منظمة "نسوية "حملة "مغامرات سلوى" لمكافحة التحرش الجنسي، بما في ذلك في أماكن العمل

ProDESC - Proyecto de Derechos Económicos Sociales y Culturales (Mexico)

In this video: Valeria Scorza and Alejandra Ancheíta of ProDESC talk about their work on corporate accountability for human rights in Mexico.

En este vídeo: Valeria Scorza y Alejandra Ancheíta de ProDESC hablan sobre su trabajo relativo a la responsabilidad empresarial sobre los derechos humanos en México.



Safety and Rights (Bangladesh)

In this video: Sekender Ali talks about Safety and Rights' work encouraging safer workplace practices in the construction industry in Bangladesh.



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