Oxfam’s report: “Divide and Purchase: How land ownership is being concentrated in Colombia”

On 27 September 2013 Oxfam published a report raising concerns about the manner Cargill, the world's largest agricultural commodity trader, allegedly evaded Colombia's legal restrictions on acquisitions of state-owned land destined for family farming.  By different methods, Cargill acquired over 124,000 acres of land in the "altillanura" region through 36 shell companies between 2010 and 2012.  The stated aim of the report is to promote an informed public debate in Colombia and draw the attention of the Colombian Govt. to on-going practices that can put small-holder production and equitable access to land at risk.

Divide and Purchase: How land ownership is being concentrated in Colombia, Oxfam, 27 Sep 2013
Full report

Commentary on the report: "Cargill’s unhappy land venture in Colombia", Chris Jochnick, Oxfam America, 27 Sep 2013

Cargill responded to this report:

- Cargill’s response to Oxfam “Divide and Purchase” report,27 Sep 2013

- [Article in Spanish with comments by Cargill's CEO:] Entrevista con el presidente de Cargill: "Las tierras eran sólo una parte de la inversión", El Espectador, 22 Sep 2013

The report also received wide coverage in the press.  Here is a selection:

- Cargill may have broken law over Colombia land buying: Oxfam. Peter Murphy, Reuters, 27 Sep 2013

- Report: Cargill got Colombian land meant for small farmers, Martin Moylan, Minnesota Public Radio. Sep 27 2013

- Social justice group objects to Cargill's land holdings in Colombia, Mike Hughlett. Star Tribune, Sep 27 2013

- Cargill made illegal farmland grab in Colombia, Oxfam says, Tom Webb, Pioneer Press. Sep 27 2013