Oxfam report "Investing for Life": Company responses & Oxfam rejoinder

In November 2007, Oxfam issued a report, "Investing for life: Meeting  poor people's needs for access to medicines through responsible business practices".  In the report, Oxfam examines the business conduct of 12 pharmaceutical companies with respect to access to medicines for the poor.  The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited all 12 companies to respond to the report.  The results to date are below (any future responses received will be added to this page).

On 6 February 2008 Oxfam sent a rejoinder, commenting on the company responses: "Oxfam rejoinder" [DOC]

Company responses / non-responses:

Abbott Laboratories statement [DOC]

AstraZeneca statement [DOC]

Bristol-Myers Squibb did not respond

GlaxoSmithKline statement [DOC]

Eli Lilly declined to respond

Johnson & Johnson statement [DOC]

Merck statement [PDF]

Novartis statement [DOC]

Pfizer statement [DOC]
- Pfizer's Malaria Platform [DOC]

Roche declined to respond

Sanofi-Aventis statement [PDF] 

Wyeth did not respond


Oxfam Gets A Cold Shoulder From Drugmakers, Pharmalot, 5 Feb 2008 (article commenting on Oxfam's report, the companies' responses, and Oxfam's rejoinder)

- Drug makers reject Oxfam targets, in Ethical Corporation, Mar 2008 (scroll down to middle of article)