"Ranking Digital Rights" project

"Ranking Digital Rights" is a new project that aims to rank information and communications technology (ICTs) companies on respect for freedom of expression and privacy. Working with several academic and NGO partners, project is currently undertaking a research and stakeholder consultation process in order develop the ranking methodology.

ICTs can connect and empower people. Yet because of their pervasiveness these companies’ business practices and government relationships can also result in abuses of the human rights of freedom of expression, assembly, and privacy. A global ranking system for ICT companies on digital free expression and privacy criteria can be a powerful tool for investors, consumers, policymakers, and companies to identify best practices and obstacles in meeting corporate obligations to respect human. The initial methodology-development phase of the "Ranking Digital Rights" project has been hosted jointly by the New America Foundation, a non-partisan think tank in Washington DC, and the University of Pennsylvania. The Project Lead is Rebecca MacKinnon, senior research fellow at the New America Foundation. Click here to see more information on institutional partners, advisory council and funders of the project.

Click here to see resources that include: digital rights and responsible business principles; privacy and data protection principles; and digital rights indexes and ratings of companies.

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