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5 February 2019
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Author: Oxfam

“Democracias capturadas: el gobierno de unos pocos. Mecanismos de captura de la política fiscal de parte de las élites y su impacto en la desigualdad en América Latina y el Caribe (1990-2017)”  - Noviembre 2018...

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10 June 2019

Dole response re: defender Jorge Acosta

We have read the Swedwatch article about the legal situation of Mr Acosta in Ecuador and would like first to clarify that there is no connection between Dole and the individual who filed the complaint against Mr. Acosta or with Mr. Acosta himself....

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11 June 2019

Ecuador: Companies release joint statement in support of threatened labour rights defender Jorge Acosta

Today companies sourcing bananas from Ecuador - Axfood, Coop, Everfresh, Greenfood, Martin & Servera and Menigo - released a joint statement to Ecuadorian government in support of Jorge Acosta, the coordinator of the banana workers’ union ASTAC ...

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