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27 November 2015

USA: Private sector responsible for promoting LGBT-inclusive workplace, says Dow Chemical

Author: James R. Fitterling, Dow Chemical, on Advocate (USA)

"Corporations Have a Responsibility to Promote Equality", 25 Nov 2015...

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19 November 2015

USA: Corporate Equality Index scores show improvement of measures taken by companies for LGBT workers

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13 November 2015
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Author: Le Parisien (France)

« Herbicides: l'EFSA juge "improbable" le risque cancérigène du glyphosate », 12 Nov 2015...

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29 October 2015
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Author: Organisation internationale du Travail

« Onze grandes entreprises vont promouvoir l'insertion des personnes handicapées au travail », 28 octobre 2015...

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25 September 2015

Green groups concerned about companies hindering ambitious climate goals as BHP Billiton, GE & Shell set to fund new Energy Transitions Commission

Author: Jessica Shankleman, Business Green

"Will Shell-funded Energy Transitions Commission help or hinder the low carbon economy?", 25 Sep 2015...

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5 September 2015

Bhopal gas tragedy victims press on with appeal arguments in US

Author: Narayan Lakshman, The Hindu

…[L]awyers [for the victims of the 1984 Bhopal poison gas disaster] this week filed arguments with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit that the company…was continuing to foul local wells from its plant located in the area…[T]he appeal...

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27 August 2015
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Author: José Luis García Hernández, SinEmbargo (México)

“Informe de la Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente sobre daños causados por el maíz transgénico se quedó corto: Greenpeace”, 25 de agosto de 2015...

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29 July 2015

Brazil: Dow Chemical's sustainable agriculture project aims to mitigate Rio 2016 Olympic Games' carbon footprint

Author: Dow Chemical Company, on Business Wire (USA)

“Dow Implements Sustainable Agriculture in Brazil as Part of Carbon Mitigation Program for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games”...

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29 June 2015
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Author: Estadão Conteúdo/Paraná Online (Brazil)

“Apoio à causa gay tem 'abismo' entre múltis e brasileiras”, 29 de junho de 2015 ...Essa discussão...[sobre diversidade sexual]...nas organizações vai além da extensão de benefícios, como plano de saúde e seguro de vida, a casais homossexuais. Segundo...

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6 June 2015

India: NGO accuse MNCs of unethical business & disrespecting laws

Author: Zee News [India]

RSS affiliate Swadeshi Jagran Manch...targeted MNCs, including those from China, charging them with doing "unethical" business in India and "disrespecting" its laws to make profit, and demanded stern action against them...Swadesh Jagran Manch demands...

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