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17 December 2019

177 companies commit to set 1.5°C- targets across their operations and value chains

Author: United Nations Global Compact, the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and the We Mean Business coalition

"At COP 25, corporate climate movement grows exponentially as new companies announce plans to align with a 1.5°C future", 11 December 2019...

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29 June 2015
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1 August 2007

The business of ethics remixed [India]

Author: Sudhir K Sinha, vice president, Group CSR/Reliance ADA, in Hardnews [India]

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a highly misunderstood and misinterpreted term in India...Some Indian companies believe that merely complying with laws and regulations fulfills their need for social responsibility...A responsible corporate...

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28 June 2007

[PDF] Corporate Social Responsibility and Children’s Rights in South Asia

Author: Save the Children

In this mapping, you will find examples of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives within the context of children's issues in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. The mapping highlights that children's issues often do not get sufficient consideration...

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7 March 2007

HIV/Aids still a taboo in corporate world [India]

Author: The Times of India

…[D]iscrimination against HIV-positive persons is prevailing at the cosy corporate work places, a study…has revealed…Shockingly, there are even cases where employees refused to share food or utensils and rooms with HIV-affected people due to stigma,...

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8 November 2005

Companies linked with Burma

Author: Intl. Confederation of Free Trade Unions

Updated on Tuesday, November 08, 2005. This list is not exhaustive. We are ready to correct any factual errors which it may contain. As we receive information on further companies which are active in Burma we will approach them in the same way and,...

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13 August 2005

Interview: Harvey E. Bale [Director General, International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations] - Patents, access to drugs is the issue

Author: M G Arun, Financial Express [India]

All countries have patent safeguards and have the right and ability to implement compulsory licensing in emergency circumstances...It is important for India and the rest of the world to have a good balance between implementation of innovation policies...

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21 July 2005

Sustainability reporting catching up [India]

Author: Business Standard [India]

Sustainability reporting, which has already become popular in developed countries, is gradually gaining acceptance [in] India too...Sustainability reporting...deals with a wide range of subjects from resource management to human rights. Speaking at a...

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