Dutch food sector signs Agreement for the Food Products Sector to ensure responsible business conduct in intl. production chain

Author: Food Ingredients First, Published on: 4 July 2018

"Dutch food sector boosts sustainability efforts for international production chain", 2 July 2018

Various stakeholders in the Dutch food products sector are joining forces to ensure responsible business conduct in the international production chain. The International Responsible Business Conduct (IRBC Agreement for the Food Products Sector has been signed by a broad coalition made up of sector organizations...

The negotiations for the agreement were facilitated by the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER).

The IRBC is intended to foster cooperation throughout the entire chain to minimize the risks of negative impacts such as human rights violations and damage to the environment, thereby working towards increased sustainability in the production chain...

This agreement is aimed at helping the sector to make changes in business operations that are required for responsible business conduct in the production chain. The Agreement establishes that in the first year, the parties will launch joint projects on the issues of climate and living wages.

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