Dutch National Contact Point for OECD Guidelines publishes agreement between agricultural company Nidera & NGOs regarding human rights policies & practices

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Author: Centro de Derechos Humanos y Ambiente

En el contexto del caso sobre las Directrices OCDE ante la OCDE, a cerca de una Empresa Agrícola Multinacional con sede en Holanda, NIDERA, las siguientes ONGs, CEDHA, INCASUR, Oxfam Novib y SOMO, junto con la empresa NIDERA llegaron a un acuerdo exitoso sobre las políticas y prácticas de derechos humanos de la empresa...Los demandantes han pedido a NIDERA desarrollar e implementar una efectiva política de derechos humanos en la compañía incluyendo concretos procedimientos de debida diligencia en derechos humanos con relación a los trabajadores rurales temporarios.

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5 March 2012

Parties reach agreement in OECD Guidelines case regarding Nidera’s human rights policies and practices in Argentina

Author: CEDHA

In the context of an OECD Guidelines case, the NGOs CEDHA, INCASUR, Oxfam Novib and SOMO have reached an agreement with the Netherlands-based agricultural MNE Nidera regarding the company’s human rights policies and practices. As part of the agreement, Nidera strengthened its human rights policy, formalised human rights due diligence procedures for temporary rural workers, and allowed the NGOs to monitor its Argentine corn seed operations through field visits.

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3 February 2012

[PDF] Final Report

Author: Dutch National Contact Point

The NCP would like to congratulate the parties with their mutually agreed solution and wishes to praise the Enterprise with its forthcoming policies on human rights and its openness towards stakeholders in shaping these policies, especially given the fact that the concept of due diligence in the framework of business and human rights is still new and requires exploration and context-specific adaptation. Also the Notifiers deserve credit for their open and constructive attitude during the proceedings of this notification.

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25 November 2011

[PDF] Agreement between Nidera Holdins B.V. and CEDHA, SOMO, Oxfam Novib and INCASUR

Author: Nidera Holdings, CEDHA, SOMO, Oxfam Novib, INCASUR

[A]greement was reached on the following items...NIDERA's human rights policy...NIDERA's human rights due diligence procedure...monitoring...CSR supply chain approach...Grievance mechanism...transparency...

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