Dutch say companies too must work to stop climate change

Author: Dutch News, Published on: 1 December 2015

A new report from…Transnational Institute says that 12 corporate sponsors of the current climate change talks in Paris are involved in fossil fuels or lobbying against pollution controls or other environment-unfriendly practices…Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte told reporters in Paris that companies as well as governments will have to take action to reduce global warming. The efforts which countries themselves can make will not reach the target of a maximum 2% rise in global temperatures, Rutte said. ‘To reach that, you need a contribution from companies and social organisations.’…‘In particular, the Netherlands wants a climate agreement that will help the poorest of the poor bear the impact of climate change and that will take particular account of small, precarious island states,’ the statement said…[Also refers to Air France, BNP Paribas, and Generali.]

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