Economic contribution and payments to governments Report 2016

Author: BHP Billiton, Published on: 21 September 2016

I am pleased to introduce BHP Billiton’s Economic contribution and payments to governments Report for 2016. This Report discloses the payments we have made during FY2016 on a country-by-country and project-by-project basis. BHP Billiton is a leader in transparency and this Report includes additional information disclosed on a voluntary basis. BHP Billiton is proud of the contribution that we make to our host countries. In FY2016, our total economic contribution was US$26.7 billion which included payments to suppliers, wages and employee benefits, dividends, taxes and royalties. This includes our voluntary contributions to our host communities...BHP Billiton welcomes the public interest in important topics such as the integrity of tax systems globally and the contribution, including through payment of taxes, that multinational companies make to the countries in which they operate. We support the principle that a country’s taxing rights should be aligned with the value created and the activities undertaken in that jurisdiction. We also support the introduction of public disclosure requirements relating to beneficial ownership. These are issues that require leadership and a changed approach. We recognise this and seek to be an industry and global leader in our level of public disclosure to foster an informed public policy debate.

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