Ecuador: CNN interviews Kerry Kennedy (President, Robert F. Kennedy Center for Human Rights), Silvia Garrigo (Chevron) on pollution lawsuit

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1 June 2010

[PDF] The Lasting Stain of Oil - Cautionary Tales and Lessons from the Amazon

Author: Asamblea de Afectados por Texaco (The Assembly of Communities Affected by Chevron/Texaco), Amazon Watch, Rainforest Action Network

What can Gulf Coast residents learn from other communities that have suffered the terrible consequences of oil industry recklessness?...1. Public Awareness and Support is Invaluable...2. Corporate Polluters Will Cover Up Evidence...3. Don’t Trust the Polluter to Properly Clean Up...4. Expect a Public Relations Campaign to Gloss Over Impact and Attack Community...5. Corporations Will Use Legal Maneuvering and Political Influence to Evade Liability...6. Oil Disasters Will Have Long-term Impacts...7. Beware of Hidden & Latent Environmental Impact...8. Environmental Harm Can Have Long Lasting Health Impacts...9. Environmental Harm Can Have Long Lasting Cultural Impacts...10. Affected Communities Have the Power to Demand Accountability [refers to BP, Chevron, Hill and Knowlton, Texaco (now part of Chevron)]

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22 October 2009

Texaco blamed for ruining land & killing people

Author: Rick Sanchez, CNN

American oil giant Chevron (relatively new parent company of Texaco) is being blamed for a major ecological emergency in another country. A rainforest in an area the size of Rhode Island in northern Ecuador is struggling after decades of oil drilling by, among other oil interests, Texaco... More than a thousand people have died from cancers blamed on the crude oil introduced to the drinking water and ecosystem... Chevron is being sued for $27 billion. Rick Sanchez interviews two women here [Kerry Kennedy, working with plaintiffs; Silvia Garrigo of Chevron]. It's the quest for justice and accountability on one side, and a sympathetic, but defiant corporation on the other.

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