Ecuador: Conflict with Shuar indigenous leaders opposing EXSA mining site escalates

Since the beginning of the works at the Explorcobres (EXSA) mining project (part of Ecuacorriente, part of Corriente Resources, joint venture of Tongling and China Railway Construction), the Govt. of Ecuador decided to move further despite demands of Free, prior and informed consent by Shuar indigenous communities.  After violent clashes, one policeman was killed and several injured.  The Govt. declared the state of emergency and now, six indigenous leaders face charges of attempted murder.

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Author: Ecuador Times. net

A judge of Morona Santiago order preventive custody for the six people detained in Panantza, San Juan Bosco county. This was followed by the formulation of indictments the afternoon of December 17, in the Gualaquiza county, in that province. They are accused of attempted murder against a police officer, for the violent events recorded last Wednesday afternoon at La Esperanza mining camp in the community of Nankints, Panantza. The copper project of the Chinese company Explorcobres is located there…In that confrontation police agent Jose Mejia died, and seven other officers were injured. The Coordinating Ministry of Security attributed this attack to the natives who claim the territories where the mining concession is located, and are opposed to this strategic project of the Government…The detainees are Danny M. and Milton R., president and member of the Parish Board, respectively, plus four other community members.

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15 December 2016

Ecuador: Govt. sends troops to Explorcobres Chinese copper mining site after violent protests over impacts on indigenous peoples

Author: Reuters

“Ecuador sends troops to Chinese copper exploration project after protest”

Ecuador on Thursday dispatched soldiers and police officers to an isolated jungle area after a violent protest against a Chinese copper exploration project left one policeman dead and several other security officials injured amid conflicts between mining companies and indigenous communities…President Rafael Correa declared a 30-day state of emergency in the Morona Santiago province, home to the Panantza-San Carlos exploration project operated by the ExplorCobres company [part of Ecuadorrientes, part of Corriente Resources, joint venture of Tongling & China Railway Construction Corporation]…His government says "illegally-armed groups" protested against the project on Wednesday…Local media reported that indigenous groups, who accuse authorities of generating violence by kicking them out of their ancestral home to make way for mining developments, staged the protest.

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