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Ecuadoreans Blast 'Secret' Hague Tribunal Convened for Chevron

Author: Adam Klasfeld, Courthouse News Service [USA], Published on: 10 February 2012

A group of Ecuadoreans have taken the offensive against a Hague arbitration panel that they claim will meet in secret, without transparency or accountability, this weekend to determine the fate of an $18.2 billion environmental judgment they won against Chevron…The oil giant claims the award violates the terms of a $40 million settlement it reached with the government of Ecuador in 1995…[T]he Ecuadoreans have called the 1995 cleanup a "sham" that did little to repair the environmental and health fallout from the Amazon's so-called Chernobyl…Exactly one year ago, however, the Hague tribunal passed an Interim Measures Order that told Ecuador to block its courts from enforcing the judgment…"The tribunal has scheduled a hearing in Washington this weekend to address Ecuador's failure and refusal to comply with the tribunal's Interim Measures Order…," Chevron spokesman Kent Robertson said in an email.

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