"Egypt’s most dangerous professions": Mining, cement, bricks, construction

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8 July 2014

Egypt: Commentary on political & business interests driving coal despite environmental impacts

Author: Isabel Bottoms, MadaMasr (Egypt)

"The enabling atmosphere for coal in Egypt", 25 Jun 2014

Since the Cabinet’s decision to allow the use of coal under current regulations, there has not been much clarity in the public sphere as to how coal will be made a reality in Egypt and the timescale for it. Perhaps driven by the legal ambiguity his announcement has created, Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb has essentially allowed the use of coal without the promised EU-style regulations required in the original Cabinet announcement allowing coal, and yet “under the current regulations” coal is still illegal to import and the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) cannot grant licenses for its use until the law is amended. In a roundup of old and recent announcements, the following factors indicate that a new era of energy provision in Egypt is more than just vague political announcements, but a web of international and business interests coalescing around one mission: to bring coal to Egypt as soon as possible.

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8 June 2014

[PDF] Response from Titan Cement Egypt

Author: Titan Cement Egypt

Mohamed Hamed was never a company employee; he was a contract labor working for a service provider called “Anwarco”...The company is abiding by the Egyptian law, and a yearly medical check-up is done on all plant employees by the ministry of health. No single case was found positive due to silicosis... As per the signed contracts with the service providers, they have to provide personal protective equipment "PPE's" to their labors according to the company health & safety procedure, and as per the safety instructions related to their work area.

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7 June 2014

[PDF] Company response from Italcementi

Author: Zeina Spinelli, Suez Cement Company (Egypt)

We are currently investigating the allegations made by Omar Abu Zeid, who is not one of our direct employees. We cannot confirm any of his claims at this time. The only statement we can corroborate is that he has worked and he is still employed at a subcontractor. While we cannot comment on his situation, since we do not have all the facts, we believe SCGC's efforts to protect its workers and promote health and safety on our sites and within nearby communities should be lauded...

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2 June 2014

Egypt’s most dangerous professions

Author: Jano Charbel, Mada Masr (Egypt)

There are no accurate or reliable statistics regarding the number of workplace injuries and fatalities nationwide, however, industrial safety inspectors estimate that hundreds of workers die on the job each year, while several thousands suffer from work-related injuries and illnesses, and many have to undergo the amputation of their limbs...Working at the Helwan Cement Company, operated under the umbrella of the privately-owned Italcementi Group, Omar Abu Zeid spoke of his contractual and health grievances working in the cement industry...[also refers to Titan. Responses by Titan and Italcementi below]

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