El Salvador: New study says OceanaGold's mining activities promoted through El Dorado foundation could cause conflict & violence


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11 April 2016

OceanaGold Response

Author: OceanaGold

…The El Dorado Foundation (“Foundation”) is a not-for-profit organization that was established in 2005 to deliver meaningful benefits to communities…in Cabanas… In the past, the Foundation solicited for multiple sources of funding however, Minerales Torogoz, a subsidiary of OceanaGold has been the sole financial supporter…In order to minimize overhead costs thereby maximize funding for community initiatives, the Foundation shares office space with the Company. While the Company is focused on sustainable resource development, building and maintaining collaborative relationships with stakeholders surrounding the proposed project and educating on the responsible resource extraction, the Foundation’s prime purpose is to work with communities and deliver programs in partnerships with local agencies and other not-for-profit organizations supporting capacity development; education and skills training; health awareness; and support for infrastructure. The Foundation does not engage in any resource development activities…

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23 March 2016

Press release: Mining, corporate social responsibility, and conflict: OceanaGold and the El Dorado Foundation in El Salvador

Author: International Allies Against Mining in El Salvador

A new study finds that OceanaGold’s attempt to rebrand its proposed gold mine in El Salvador through the use of a company-sponsored foundation at the local level is deceitful, disrespectful and dangerous…“Designed to whitewash the company’s image and undermine opposition to a proposed gold mine in Cabañas, the activities of the El Dorado Foundation contradict the country’s decision not to permit metal mining and risk reawakening a conflict that has already cost several people their lives,” remarks Professor Stuart Kirsch, one of the authors…Canadian-Australian mining company OceanaGold is suing El Salvador for US$250 million at a World Bank tribunal when the company failed to obtain a mining permit for which it never met regulatory requirements. Between 2009 and 2011, four local environmental activists were murdered in Cabañas…

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7 March 2016

“El Dorado Foundation” develops misleading social programs: Jennifer Moore

Author: Gloria Orellana, CoLatino (El Salvador)

"The activities of the El Dorado Foundation are misleading, are dangerous and show a lack of deep respect for the people of Cabañas and El Salvador," said Jennifer Moore, Coordinator of the Latin America Program Mining Watch Canada, while presenting a joint research document with the National Roundtable against Mining…Moore said the company (Oceana Gold) utilizes "misleading" propaganda and information on mining that is one sided and incomplete in relation to the impacts of this kind of polluting industry as they try to win supporters with social projects they carry out with the local population…

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1 February 2016

Mining, corporate social responsibility and conflict: Oceana Gold and the El Dorado Foundation in El Salvador

Author: Stuart Kirsch, Michigan University & Jennifer Moore, Miningwatch Canada & the Institute for Policy Studies

…The evidence gathered strongly suggests that the Foundation’s work is intended to enhance the company’s public reputation and cultivate support for the proposed El Dorado mine project. The Foundation has also generated unrealistic expectations for future employment opportunities. These activities seek to reduce opposition to mining in Cabañas, which is based on concerns about its negative impacts on the environment and human health. The Foundation may also endanger local actors who are opposed to the mining project. The operation of the El Dorado Foundation has the potential to exacerbate recent conflict over mining in Cabañas…Consequently, it is the conclusion of this report that these activities should cease and the Foundation should be closed…

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