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3 December 2018

UK: Grenfell Tower victims must be protected in buyout of cladding co linked to fire, MPs demand

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25 February 2018

Australia: Growing support amongst large institutional investors for shareholder & NGO campaigns on climate & human rights

Author: Ruth Williams, The Sydney Morning Herald

"Big investors backed shareholder campaigns on climate, human rights", 23 February 2018...

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14 August 2015
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Author: Página 12

“Leyes para que respeten los derechos humanos”...

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4 February 2015
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Author: Benjamin Bourinat, Le Nouvel Observateur (France)

« Davos : les chefs d'entreprises s'engagent pour les droits des homosexuels. Un signal fort », 3 février 2015...

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1 September 2013

Support Argentina’s fight against Vulture Funds

Author: Jubilee Debt Campaign

Argentina’s economy is being held to ransom by a small handful of very wealthy speculators – so-called ‘vulture funds’. They bought up billions of dollars worth of Argentina’s debt in the early 2000s when Argentina’s economy was on its knees and its...

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24 February 2010

'Don't feed the vultures' say campaigners with cake sale stunt [UK]

Author: Ekklesia [UK]

Global poverty campaigners staged a 'charity cake sale' this morning outside the London offices of…[Dechert LLP] which represents ‘vulture funds’. The stunt…was intended to raise money to help wean the company “off the unprincipled money they make...

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9 September 2009

[video] Congo: Oil gotten gains

Author: Al Jazeera People & Power

Congo Brazzaville is one of the poorest countries in the world, despite the fact that it produces nearly 300,000 barrels of oil a day. Many of Congo Brazzaville's four million people are enraged that wealth from the country's precious natural resources...

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10 December 2007

Unlikely Ally Against Congo Republic Graft

Author: Lydia Polgreen, New York Times

Such investors, running what critics derisively call vulture funds, have been widely denounced by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund for forcing poor countries to fend off costly lawsuits rather than build classrooms and clinics. But in...

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17 October 2007

How top London law firms help vulture funds devour their prey

Author: Ashley Seager & James Lewis, Guardian (UK)

…Vulture funds buy up sovereign debt issued by poor countries at a fraction of its face value, then sue the countries in courts…for their full face value plus interest… A paper prepared for the IMF/World Bank meetings this week shows there are now $1...

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14 February 2007

'Vulture funds' threat to developing world

Author: Meirion Jones, BBC Newsnight

On Thursday...a...judge in London will rule whether a so-called vulture fund can extract more than $40m from Zambia for a debt which it bought for less than $4m. There are concerns that such funds are wiping out the benefits which international debt...

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