Encouraging Development [Egypt]

Author: Andrew Bossone, Business Today [Egypt], Published on: 6 February 2007

Now the focus [of aid for development] has switched from one-time donations in the form of money, buildings or equipment, and is moving toward sustainable long-term projects and reforms with local and often private-sector partners...Intel is running a digital village in Oseem that connects a government kiosk, schools and health centers via wireless broadband internet (WiMax), but when the test period is over, Intel will pass everything to the government...USAID connected with the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources and the Coca-Cola Company in a “Global Development Alliance” to provide clean water and solid and liquid waste treatment for communities in Upper Egypt and the Delta...It could be said...that public-private partnerships encourage more development for projects to help the population...Vodafone Egypt and Procter & Gamble...helped design and implement the project [UNDP’s Millennium Goals promotion]. [also refers to Amiantit Group, Citibank (part of Citigroup), Barclays]

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