Engility, formerly part of L-3 Communications, pays $5 million to settle lawsuit alleging torture filed by Iraqis held at Abu Ghraib prison

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8 January 2013

$5M paid to Iraqis over Abu Ghraib

Author: Peter Yost, Associated Press

A defense contractor whose subsidiary was accused in a lawsuit of conspiring to torture detainees at the infamous Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq has paid $5.28 million to 71 former inmates held there and at other U.S.-run detention sites between 2003 and 2007. The settlement in the case involving Engility Holdings Inc…, marks the first successful effort by lawyers for former prisoners at Abu Ghraib and other detention centers to collect money from a U.S. defense contractor in lawsuits alleging torture. Another contractor, CACI, is expected to go to trial over similar allegations this summer. The payments were disclosed in a document that Engility filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission two months ago but which has gone essentially unnoticed.

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19 October 2012

Abu Ghraib detainees reach settlement in historic lawsuit against military contractors

Author: Marissa Vahlsing, EarthRights International

[W]e have been closely following two cases, Al-Quraishi v. L-3 Services, Inc., and Al Shimari v. CACI International, Inc., brought by the Center for Constitutional Rights on behalf of detainees of military prisons in Iraq against two private military contractors alleged to have conspired to torture and abuse the plaintiffs at Abu Ghraib and other detention centers. Yesterday we were thrilled to learn that the Al-Quraishi case was resolved in a confidential settlement. ERI has acted as an amicus in both cases…arguing in support of the plaintiffs that their claims should be allowed to go forward…This is a significant victory for the Al-Quraishi plaintiffs and for the struggle to increase the accountability of private military contractors.

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1 September 2001

full report: Timber Trafficking: Illegal Logging in Indonesia, South East Asia and International Consumption of Illegally Sourced Timber

Author: Environmental Investigation Agency and Telapak Indonesia

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