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[Engineerisk response regarding Kok-Zhailau ski resort construction concerns

Author: Engineerisk, Published on: 28 January 2013

Dealing everyday with a natural phenomenon, subjectivity is a big risk to avoid for us, unfortunately as it can be when evaluating the complexity of a whole project through only a few simplifications. For instance for what concerns our topic, we are sorry to read a sentence like ‘’ Slopes of Kumbel above Kok-Jailau valley are extremely dangerous due to avalanches’’: it is given as an evidence but it is obviously a simple view of a more balanced reality! About that, you could have also better noticed that this work have provided an exhaustive inventory of all avalanche paths in this territory, compared many slopes with other parameters to contribute to classify the ‘’best’’ areas, listed different mitigation possibilities to optimize the compromise between safety and environment…

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