Environment - An introduction

There is a close link between environmental issues and human rights, particularly the right to health.  Among the many other affected rights are the rights to food, housing and access to water, freedom of information and freedom of assembly.

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Below are select introductory materials on business and the environment.  Further reports from a wide range of sources are in the Environment: General section of our site.

Concerns, company responses and non-responses

Global: London Mining Network publishes "alternative report" to BHP Billiton's annual report - concerns over impacts on environment, indigenous peoples, human rights in Asia-Pacific, Americas, So. Africa, Nov 2009. BHP Billiton response.

Global: "Shell's Big Dirty Secret": Report by Friends of the Earth, Oil Change, PLATFORM on climate change, other environmental impacts, Jul 2009. Shell response.

Global: Environmental NGOs say ArcelorMittal "continues" to destroy environment, risk people's lives and displace communities in seven countries, Jul 2009. ArcelorMittal response.

Global: SOMO "Overviews of controversial business practices in 2008" on companies including AkzoNobel- concern over pollution charges Jul 2009. AkzoNobel response.

Global: SOMO "Overviews of controversial business practices in 2008" on companies including SBM Offshore- concern over environmental, health impacts of activities. Jul 2009. No response from SBM Offshore.

Global: Joint NGO report “True Cost of Chevron” raises concerns about its social & environmental impacts worldwide Jun 2009. Chevron response.

Global: NGO alleges ArcelorMittal using financial crisis as an excuse to demand subsidies and delays in environmental measures, Jan 2009. ArcelorMittal response.

Global: London Mining Network says BHP Billiton failed to respond to social & environmental concerns at annual meeting - cases from Philippines, Indonesia, Guatemala, Colombia, Nov 2008. BHP Billiton response.

Global: "Monsanto's Harvest of Fear" - Vanity Fair report details environmental legacy, treatment of farmers, May 2008. Monsanto response.

Global: Video games consoles: Greenpeace names Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo for dangerous chemical substances, Mar 2008. No response received from Microsoft.

Global: NGOs criticise Apple for environmental policies & practices, Apr 2007. Apple response.

Global: Greenpeace report says hi-tech products made by Hewlett-Packard & others use toxic flame retardants, Jun 2005. HP response.

Brazil: Barra Grande dam: Terra de Direitos and Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens file OECD Guidelines complaint raising social & environmental concerns, Jun 2005.  Alcoa, BAESA responses.

Burma: Kachin Development Networking Group calls for stop to Irrawaddy dam project (joint venture between China Power Investment, Asia World Company and the State Peace and Development Council of the Burmese military government), due to major human rights, environmental impacts, Nov 2009.  Asia World Company response. No response received from China Power Investment.

Cameroon: Residents of Douala accuse firms of chemical pollution of their neighbourhood, Aug 2006. No response received from Cicam, Diageo/ Guinness.

Dem. Rep. of Congo: Community group concerned about toxic waste that Chevron buried between 1986-1990 & recently excavated, Oct 2007. Chevron response.

Ecuador: 40 indigenous communities call on Petroecuador to make certain social & environmental measures in “Bloque 15“ (formerly operated by Occidental), June 2006. Petroecuador response.

Ecuador: Chevron responds to Newsweek article on lobbying US Govt. to cut Ecuador trade preferences over toxic waste lawsuit, Aug 2008. Chevron response.

Ecuador: Commentary on Chevron's stance in Ecuador environmental lawsuit, by Daniel Taillant (Center for Human Rights & Environment - Argentina), Sep 2008. Chevron response.

Ecuador: Local groups raise concerns over environmental impacts of Iam Gold operations - demand revocation of its concession, May 2006. IAM Gold response.

Ecuador: Shareholder resolution by Amnesty USA & others requests Chevron to prepare report on its initiatives to address health & environmental concerns where Texaco operated in Ecuador, Mar 2005. Chevron response.

Ecuador: Thousands protest environmental damage, Jul 2006. Perenco response.

Ghana: NGO makes several allegations against AngloGold Ashanti, including pollution; intimidation of villagers and displacement by govt. security forces. Aug 2009. AngloGold Ashanti response.

Ghana: Participants in workshop organised by Wassa Association of Communities Affected by Mining raise concerns about environmental & health impacts of mining operations, June 2005. AngloGold Ashanti, Newmont responses.

Ghana: Public Eye Awards name Newmont "2009 Worst Company" over proposed mining project that critics say would displace thousands, pollute soil & rivers, Feb 2009. Newmont response.

Ghana: Wassa Association of Communities Affected by Mining (WACAM) accuses Newmont of downplaying cyanide spillage at Ahafo mine, Oct 2009. Newmont response.

Honduras: Villagers allege pollution from San Andrés mine, harassment by mine staff, Jul 2006. Yamana Gold response.

India: "Too hot to handle?" - Article says firms mishandling toxic industrial waste, Apr 2009. BEIL (Bharuch Enviro Infrastructure Ltd) response. No response received from Ramky, GEPIL (Gujarat Enviro Protection and Infrastructure Ltd)

India: Indian People’s Tribunal report on alleged human rights and environment violations involved in Utkal aluminium project, Oct 2006.  Alcan response. No response received from Hindalco (Aditya Birla).

India: Local residents in Jharkhand protest expansion of UCIL uranium mine due to health, environmental impacts, Jun 2009. No response received from Uranium Corp. of India Ltd. (UCIL)

India: Petition says Himagiri Hydro Energy's Panan hydro-electric project will harm environment & Lepcha community's culture - calls for release of arrested activists, Mar 2009. Himagiri Hydro Energy response.

India: Residents oppose proposed Utkal bauxite mining & alumina refinery project over environmental, displacement concerns, Apr 2005.  Alcan response.

India: Times of India article says pharmaceutical plants poison ground water in Punjab village. [Note: Max India response says it does not operate in Toansa & was mentioned erroneously in Times of India report], Jan 2006.  DSM, Ranbaxy and Max India responses.

Kazakhstan: Emissions from Karachaganak oil and gas field causing serious environmental health problems in nearby communities, critical environmental information withheld, says Crude Accountability, Apr 2005. Karachaganak Petroleum Operating response.

Mozambique: Cimpor cement factory says high dust pollution is due to filter damage caused by local electricity company - environmentalists say factory could do more, Jul 2006. No response received from Cimpor.

Nigeria: Amnesty Intl. report "Petroleum, pollution and poverty in the Niger Delta, Jul 2009. Shell response.

Nigeria: Environmental groups warn of "unprecedented loss of lives" if safety concerns are not addressed in pipeline projects, particularly Gaslink's project, Sep 2007. Gaslink response.

Peru: Blacksmith Institute lists La Oroya (site of Doe Run smelter) as one of 10 “World’s Worst Polluted Places”, Oct 2006. Doe Run response.

Peru: Harm to environment & livelihoods from Tintaya mine outweigh any benefits, says Christian Aid report, “Unearthing the Truth”, Mar 2005.  BHP Billiton response.

Peru: Human rights groups & news articles allege Yanacocha mine & security company involved in spying operation & intimidation against local environmentalists, Jan 2007.  Newmont/Yanacocha response. No response received from Forza.

Peru: NGO report alleges Occidental's former operations caused serious harm to environment & health, May 2007. Occidental response.

Peru: Peruvian congressman accuses Doe Run of using townspeople of La Oroya to pressure government to approve delays in environmental protection measures, Feb 2006. Doe Run response.

Peru: Production at La Oroya mine pollutes local area, provides few benefits to local residents, says Christian Aid report, “Unearthing the truth”, Mar 2005. Doe Run response.

Philippines: Community claims Metals Exploration mine "endangers lives" with potential landslide - raises other safety, health & environmental concerns, Feb 2009. Metals Exploration response.

Philippines: Oxfam Australia says Philippines mine bankrolled by ANZ destroys local people's livelihoods, Oct 2008. ANZ response.

Philippines: Villagers not compensated for environmental harms, clean-up not completed, according to Oxfam Australia report, Mar 2005. Placer Dome response.

Republic of Congo: Report by Congolese & intl. NGOs says ENI's oil sands & biofuel projects threaten tropical forests, local people & climate, Nov 2009. ENI response.

Republic of Congo: Report by Heinrich Böll Foundation & NGOs raises serious social, environmental concerns over Eni's planned tar sands & agro-fuel projects, Jul 2009. ENI response.

Russia: Blacksmith Institute lists Norilsk as one of 10 “World’s Worst Polluted Places”, Oct 2006. Norilsk response.

South Africa: Community accuses hazardous waste firm Thermopower of environmental pollution & causing illness, Aug 2009. Thermopower response.

Thailand: Proposed Asia Pacific Potash mine – Suwit Kularbwong and other villagers opposing the mine report threats; environmental concerns raised, Aug 2006. Asia Pacific Resources response.

Tibet/India: Tibetans-in-exile protest Continental Minerals' Tibet project - concerns over environmental damage, lack of consultation, Jul 2009. Continental Minerals response.

Ukraine/Kazakhstan: NGO alleges ArcelorMittal using financial crisis as an excuse to demand subsidies and delays in environmental measures, Jan 2009. ArcelorMittal response.

USA: "Toxic 100" list of corporate air polluters, Univ. of Massachusetts Political Economy Research Institute (PERI), May 2006.  Alcoa, Archer Daniels Midland, DuPont, US Steel, GE, Eastman Kodak. Ford responses.  No response received from ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Tyson Foods.

USA: "Toxic 100" list of corporate air polluters, Univ. of Massachusetts Political Economy Research Institute (PERI), Apr 2008.  Du Pont, Nissan, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), Bayer, Dow Chemical, Kodak, General Electric (GE), Arcelor Mittal, US Steel, ExxonMobil responses.

USA: Mossville, Louisiana residents have high levels of toxic chemicals in their blood & environment, according to US Govt. data - NGO report says nearby factories, including a Lyondell facility, are responsible, Aug 2007. Entergy, Georgia Gulf, PPG Industries, Sasol responses. No response received from ConocoPhillips, Lyondell.

Lawsuits regarding companies' environmental impacts

Summary profiles & material about environmental lawsuits: BHP lawsuit (re Papua New Guinea); BP lawsuit (re Alaska); BP lawsuit (re Colombia); Cambior lawsuit (re Guyana); Cape/Gencor lawsuits (re So. Africa); DynCorp lawsuit (re Colombia & Ecuador); Fadeyeva v Russia (re Severstal smelter); Freeport-McMoRan lawsuits (re West Papua); Rio Tinto lawsuit (re Papua New Guinea); Shell lawsuit (re Nigeria); Texaco/Chevron lawsuits (re Ecuador); Trafigura lawsuits (re Côte d'Ivoire); Union Carbide/Dow lawsuit (re Bhopal)

Articles & reports mentioning other environmental lawsuits (note: this links to the search results for material on our website referring both to "environment" and "lawsuits" - not all articles will necessarily be focused on an environmental lawsuit)

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29 October 2019

NGOs highlight environmental and human rights concerns to banks over Saudi Aramco IPO

A coalition of environmental NGOs has written to seven international banks to express their alarm over the banks' decision to underwrite the planned Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Saudi Aramco. The state-owned oil giant is the world's largest emitter...

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9 December 2014

Ghana's Environmental Agency to sanction polluting mining companies for endangering lives and negatively affecting livelihoods

Author: William Yaw Owusu, SpyGhana

'EPA breathes hell fire on mining companies', 9 Dec 2014: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced plans to sanction mining companies that flout the country’s...laws on water...The EPA said most mining companies do not treat water that comes...

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9 November 2009

Environmentalists Criticize Eni's African Oil Sands Project [Rep. of Congo]

Author: Guy Chazan, Wall Street Journal

Criticism is mounting against Italian energy giant Eni SpA's plans to squeeze oil from the tar sands of the Republic of Congo, which campaigners claim could endanger one of the world's largest tropical rain forests. Eni says the crude would be...

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15 October 2009

[DOC] Statement of WACAM on the cyanide spillage by Newmont Ahafo mine [Ghana]

Author: Daniel Owusu-Koranteng, Wassa Communities Affected by Mining [Ghana]

It is worrying that Newmont employed every conceivable means including scientific dishonesty and misinformation to avoid taking responsibility for the consequences of the cyanide spillage. ...The cyanide spillage has exposed the weaknesses in the...

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1 October 2009

[PDF] BHP Billiton: Undermining the future - Alternative Annual Report 2009

Author: London Mining Network

This report examines a number of BHP Billiton’s operations around the world. The collection of case studies highlights the disparity between BHP Billiton’s ‘Sustainable Development Policy’ and the reality of its operations. A number of recurring issues...

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29 July 2009

[DOC] WACAM condemns the demolishing of James Sarpong’s village by AngloGold Ashanti Iduapriem mine [Ghana]

Author: Daniel Owusu-Koranteng, Wassa Community Against Mining (WACAM) [Ghana]

The people of Teberebie...have many complaints against AngloGold Ashanti Iduapriem Mine...includ[ing] allegations of pollution of rivers...using the security agencies to shoot residents, payment of low compensation, non payment of compensation...loss...

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25 July 2009

Waste company at centre of toxic storm [So. Africa]

Author: Yolandi Groenwald & Sophia Grootboom, Mail & Guardian [So. Africa]

Residents of Clayville...are locked in a fierce battle with [Thermopower Process Technology, which] they say is poisoning them...Thermopower...is Africa's largest hazardous waste disposer and a client of major companies such as Sasol, Monsanto, BASF,...

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2 July 2009

Tar sands in Congo Basin poses huge risks for one of world’s poorest countries and will worsen runaway climate change

Author: Heinrich Böll Foundation & others

…Eni is currently planning a new multi-billion dollar investment in tar sands, palm oil for food and bio-diesel and gas-fuelled electricity in the…Republic of Congo…Both projects raise the question of how committed G8 energy companies, such as Eni…are...

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29 June 2009

Shell climate crimes exposed in new report

Author: Friends of the Earth

Fresh evidence of oil giant Shell’s colossal contribution to global climate change and its continued investment in carbon intensive fossil fuels has been revealed today in a new report. The report also reveals new internal documents that show Shell...

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25 June 2009

Tibetans protest against mining operations in Dharamsala [India]

Author: ANI

Tibetans-in-exile staged a demonstration in protest against the mining operation in Tibet by...Continental Minerals...According to Tenzin Cheodon, Programme Director of the Students for Free Tibet,...“Continental Minerals and other foreign mining...

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