Environmental NGOs say ArcelorMittal "continues" to destroy environment, risk people’s lives and displace communities

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22 May 2009

ArcelorMittal’s response to the report “ArcelorMittal: Going nowhere slowly” by Global Action on ArcelorMittal

Author: ArcelorMittal

The ArcelorMittal Group does not endorse this report, as many of the allegations found in the report are inaccurate…[I]n Liberia, we have developed a detailed Social Action and Resettlement Plan for affected communities which is designed to World Bank/ IFC Policy on Involuntary Resettlement…In 2008, our Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate improved to 2.3 per million man hours, compared to 3.3 in 2007…We also have a plan…to ensure that every ArcelorMittal site is registered to the international occupational Health and Safety management system specification OHSAS 18001:2007 standards by 2011…ArcelorMittal Temirtau (Kazakhstan) [is] among those sites…91% of our production sites are [ISO 14001] certified. This includes our plants in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Macedonia and South Africa…

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12 May 2009

ArcelorMittal continues to pollute and uproot people’s lives

Author: CEE Bankwatch

ArcelorMittal needs to move beyond good intentions on environmental and social improvements…[T]he company continues to destroy the environment, risk people’s lives and displace local communities, according to a new report…by the Global Action on ArcelorMittal coalition…In Eastern Europe and South Africa, local people report that there has been little progress in reducing the high levels of air pollution from old steel mills acquired by ArcelorMittal…“We’ve been monitoring ArcelorMittal’s environmental and health and safety investments in Kazakhstan for several years now and nothing seems to have changed. The city of Temirtau is still choked with air pollution,” said Dana Sadykova of environmental NGO Karaganda Ecological Museum. “Thirty-five miners died in two separate incidents in ArcelorMittal’s Kazakh mines during 2008 and in spite of the EBRD-backed health and safety improvement project it is totally unclear what safety investments have been made.” “…ArcelorMittal is now using the economic crisis as an excuse to delay some of its environmental investments in the Czech Republic…,” said Jan Srytr of Environmental Law Service.

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1 May 2009

[PDF] ArcelorMittal: Going nowhere slowly -A review of the global steel giant's environmental and social impacts in 2008-2009

Author: Friends of the Earth Europe, Global Action on ArcelorMittal, CEE Bankwatch Network

During the last 15 years, ArcelorMittal’s predecessor companies, mainly Mittal Steel, have bought up several old and highly polluting steelmills and made them profitable, however environmental improvements other than those necessary to increase production efficiency have been painfully slow. In several countries the company has received low-interest public loans from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development...and International Finance Corporation...for environmental improvements but the results have been largely invisible to local people...This publication aims to give an overview of what has happened since [Global Action on ArcelorMittal released its 2008 report] and how we see the company’s efforts to improve its environmental, health and safety performance.

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