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24 January 2012

Human Rights First & OWNI Digital Journalism articles on surveillance technology & oppressive regimes

Author: Meg Roggensack and Betsy Walters, Human Rights First, OWNI Digital Journalism; reponses compiled by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

In November 2011, Human Rights First published a blog entitled "Excuses, excuses: Surveillance Technology and Oppressive Regimes", alleging that companies providing surveillance technology to oppressive regimes in the Middle East contribute to human...

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5 January 2012

U.S. State Department Investigating Huawei on Iran Concerns

Author: Michael Kan, IDG News

The U.S. Department of State said on Wednesday it is investigating Huawei Technologies for allegedly providing censorship and mobile phone tracking technology to Iran, following a request from six U.S. lawmakers. The Department of State "shares the...

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27 October 2011

Chinese tech giant aids Iran

Author: Trend News Agency

Huawei Technologies…a Chinese telecom giant, filled the vacuum created in Iran's government-controlled mobile-phone industry when Western companies pulled back…in 2009…Huawei recently signed a contract to install equipment for a system at Iran's...

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1 October 2011
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Author: María Prandi, Juan Andrés Cano y Daniel Arenas, Escola de Cultura de Pau, Instituto de Innovación Social, Universidad de Barcelona [España]

¿Cómo coordinar mejor la colaboración de las empresas en las crisis humanitarias? ¿Cuáles son los retos y los dilemas para las empresas, los Gobiernos, las ONG y las organizaciones internacionales? ¿Dónde deben establecer las empresas los límites entre...

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31 August 2011

Business Lecture on Hazardous Chemicals Substitution and Elimination [27 Sep, Shenzhen, China]

Author: Greenpeace East Asia, ChemSec, Business for Social Responsibility's China Training Institute

[T]he “Business Lecture on Hazardous Chemicals Substitution and Elimination” tries to reach out to corporations in China that…want to take efforts to avoid the use and release of the most hazardous and risky chemicals. The event will introduce...

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19 June 2011

Ericsson uses technology for good to help reconnect refugees worldwide

Author: Ericsson

In response to a call from UNHCR [UN High Commissioner for Refugees] to "do 1 thing" to support refugees, Ericsson…is leading an industry initiative to use technology as a force for good in support of the refugee cause…Ericsson, Refugees United and...

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Company response
12 June 2011

Response by Ericsson: Human Rights First says companies providing surveillance technology to oppressive regimes in the Middle East contribute to human rights abuses.

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10 June 2011

ILO report released on the World Day Against Child Labour calls for urgent action against hazardous forms of child labour

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10 June 2011

Walt Disney, Ericsson Among Companies With Top Marks for Child Labour Risk Disclosure

Author: Norwegian Government Pension Fund

Walt Disney, Ericsson and Hennes & Mauritz [H&M] were among 9 out of 527 companies to get top marks for managing and reporting on the risks of child labour use and children’s rights violations in their operations and supply chains...Intel,...

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24 February 2011

Are companies excluding jobless from applying?

Author: Sam Hananel, Associated Press

Commissioners at an EEOC hearing last week said they are investigating whether excluding the unemployed [from consideration for vacant positions] may have a greater effect on blacks, Latinos and other ethnic minorities that tend to have higher jobless...

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