Ethical Consumer says toy production often linked to human rights abuses - highlights ethical toy firms Holz Toys, Maya Organic

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28 October 2009

The true cost of cheap Christmas presents [UK]

Author: Tim Hunt, writer at Ethical Consumer magazine, in Guardian [UK]

...[A]ccording to research recently carried out by Ethical Consumer magazine...the price of fail to reflect the hidden environmental and social costs of their production...Hasbro['s]...Transformer toys are made with PVC, a plastic that has come under fire from campaigners for its carcinogenic properties and the dangerous byproducts, such as mercury, produced during its manufacture...Hasbro has also been challenged over human rights abuses in its Chinese supplier factories... The report "Nightmare on Sesame Street" by the National Labour Committee last year highlighted many of these problems…There are ethical alternatives. German manufacturer Holz Toys only uses European factories where labour rights are guaranteed... Maya Organic, an umbrella organisation...with the aim of alleviating poverty and empowering workers...[also refers to Lego]

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6 August 2008

National Labor Committee report "Nightmare on Sesame Street" & company responses

Author: Compiled by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

In July 2008 National Labor Committee issued its report "Nightmare on Sesame Street", alleging abuses including child labour, excessive working hours & poor housing conditions at Hoida (Kai Da) factory in Shenzhen, China. The factory produces Sesame Street ‘Ernie’ toys for K’NEX. Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited Hoida, K'NEX and Hasbro (reported as also sourcing from the factory) to respond. [Page provides links to the full report & the company responses]

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