EU Commissioner defends the right of gig economy workers to organise, highlighting use of 'self-employed' title to deny ability to unionise

Author: Rob Moss, Personnel Today, Published on: 28 October 2019

"Gig workers should be able to form unions, says EU commissioner", 25 October 2019

The European Union’s competition commissioner has said that gig workers should be able to “team up” to form unions. Margrethe Vestager said that EU competition regulations must not stop gig workers coming together to fight for better rights, in a reference to rules that effectively stop freelance workers colluding to fix prices.

“Platform workers should be able to team up, to defend their rights...The fact that their employers label those workers as ‘self-employed’ doesn’t make those collective agreements into cartels, when that label is just a way to disguise that they are really employees...we may need to make clear that nothing in the competition rules stops those platform workers from forming a union.”...

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