Europe: Women’s Link Worldwide, Amnesty & IPPF outline measures to protect rights of women & girls during & after COVID-19 pandemic

Author: Women’s Link Worldwide, Amnesty International & International Planned Parenthood Federation, Published on: 29 May 2020

“Europe: Millions of women and girls facing increasing discrimination, insecurity and violence amidst COVID-19”, 26 May 2020

[The “A Guide for Europe: Protecting the rights of women and girls in times of the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath” report]…provides [necessary] government[al]…measures to protect the rights of women and girls, who are disproportionately affected by the [COVID-19] pandemic, especially those experiencing intersecting and persistent forms of discrimination. “We must be vigilant that this health crisis is not used to roll back rights in any national context”, Viviana Waisman, President & CEO of Women’s Link Worldwide. 

Lockdowns and isolation measures…have exposed women and girls to increased risks of domestic violence. [H]igh levels of impunity and barriers to access to justice have been one of the greatest challenges [during]…COVID-19. [Furthermore]…, some countries appear to be using the restrictions as an opportunity to further undermine or restrict access to sexual and reproductive rights.

The aftermath of the health crisis is expected to gravely impact women’s livelihoods, particularly those working in the care or informal sector and those who are already experiencing marginalisation..., such as Roma, migrant or asylum-seeking women, sex workers, women with disabilities, trans women and others in situations of marginalisation. It is crucial that states ensure increased police powers do not affect these women disproportionately. 

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