European Parliament votes to ban hazardous ship recycling, but rejects proposal to subsidise safer recycling facilities in Europe

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22 April 2013

Press Release – NGOs condemn the delay in establishing a European Ship recycling Fund until 2015

Author: NGO Shipbreaking Platform

NGO Shipbreaking Platform...condemned today’s vote by the European Parliament against the creation of what would have been the first-ever ship recycling fund, a market-based incentive aimed at financing cleaner and safer ship recycling worldwide...Regrettably, Fjellner’s amendment postpones the decision-making to the end of 2015 by calling on the European Commission to “submit a legislative proposal“...Nevertheless, the NGO Shipbreaking Platform can celebrate that the MEPs have voted in favour of more stringent rules that will effectively ban beaching of EU-flagged ships. [B]eaching...[which] is at the source of extreme pollution and human rights and labour rights violations in developing countries, is a thing of the past. However, a European ban on beaching without a funding mechanism to prevent reflagging of ships out of the EU at end-of-life, remains far too weak. It is expected that few ships will fall under the direct scope of the proposed regulation at end-of-life.

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19 April 2013

MEPs reject ship recycling fund

Author: Dave Keating, European Voice

European Parliament backs Commission proposal for safer shipping, but votes against creation of fund for recycling...Under the Commission proposal, which was approved by the Parliament, ship owners would have to keep an inventory of any hazardous materials on board. They would be obliged to reduce the levels of hazardous materials before a ship can be recycled, and EU-registered ships could only be recycled at EU-approved facilities. If it gets the backing of member states, the proposal will effectively ban the beaching of EU-registered ships...At present, most ship-breaking takes place in developing countries on beaches, which presents a hazard both to the environment and to workers...Swedish centre-right MEP Christofer Fjellner said that it was too early to consider [a ship recycling] fund. He has put forward an amendment that asks the Commission to submit a legislative proposal by 2015 on how to incentivise the safe recycling of ships.

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