Even after workplace deaths, companies avoid OSHA [US Occupational Safety & Health Administration] penalties

Author: Chris Hamby, Center for Public Integrity [USA], Published on: 21 December 2012

...[At the] Crucible Specialty Metals [now Crucible Industries (part of J.P. Industries LLC)] steel mill...[d]anger was everywhere, federal records show...Jack Grobsmith...worked at Crucible for more than 35 years and...preach[ed] about safety [before dying in a workplace accident in 2009]...The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited Crucible for more than 70 violations and levied almost $250,000 in fines...[but] never collected a penny...[A]fter a workplace death has faded from memory...OSHA [often] struggles to hold employers accountable...Even after investigating a death and issuing a penalty, federal OSHA or the state agencies it oversees have failed to collect any of the original fine in one of every 10 cases since 2001, the Center found...Worker advocates say such failures to collect undermine enforcement. [also refers to Integrity Building Services LLC, Superior Roofing Contractors Inc., Gulf Stream Marine]

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