Executive Director

Asia Monitor Resource Centre


  • Location: Hong Kong
  • Rolling application

The Executive Director will report to the Board of Directors and will have to take up the following roles and responsibilities:
Key roles and responsibilities:

  • Provide overall leadership to the organisation in achieving its vision and mission and the sustainability of the programmes and services.
  • Provide leadership for key grassroots initiatives that focus on long-term change.
  • Act as principal spokesperson of the organisation and publicise its goals, programmes, and activities.
  • Develop strategic and annual plans in collaboration with the staff members and the Board of Directors and oversee their implementation in line with the vision and mission of a regional labour organisation.
  • Develop financial plans and ensure transparent and accountable financial management.
  • Facilitate the participatory and democratic decision-making processes in the organisation.
  • Oversee, maintain, and develop existing funding relations and explore further funding opportunities.
  • Build and maintain networks within Asia, Europe, America and Africa, both on labour and other issues, and connect AMRC with other networks and organizations in different levels.

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